We’re proud to present our collaboration with Craft drinks
A special edition KIP Republic 1873 Ginger & Apple Juice. 🧃
Designed by Jay Sunsmith

1873 is a Homage to Liberty.

1873 also Free For All on July 1st. ✨

An open ending
1873 an unfinished chapter
On paper they wrote that we were free
Thinking they were writing history
Not knowing that today, we would be the authors of our stories!
They said ‘the time has come…
Freedom for the enslaved
They said let’s never forget this day
However, it was a promise
Based on noise
Full of ambivalence
As for the next 10 years, from 1863 to 1873
the enslaved were forced to continue their labor.
1873 is the story after 1863
Is part of an incomplete history
As we commemorate
the abolishment of slavery on July 1st 1863
It’s imperative to tell the full story
and include the year 1873